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Bundle of 3 Beach Themed Wine Charm Sets

Bundle of 3 Beach Themed Wine Charm Sets

  • Add a touch of the beach to your next party or wine tasting.
  • Don’t lose track whose glass that is. We all know that they can look the same.
  • 3 sets of ten unique shapes each bring the beach to your next gathering.
  • Perfect gift for weddings, bachelorette parties, or wine lovers in your life.
  • Have enough shapes for enjoying a glass by yourself or when hosting larger dinner parties.

If you have ever had that awkward moment trying to figure out who that glass of wine belonged to, then we have the solution for you.

Bring the beach to your next glass of wine (but without getting any sand in your glass). With 3 sets of ten unique shapes, your friends will envy your tastes in wine glass decorations while feeling confident everyone knows which wine glass is their glass.

There are enough shapes that everyone gets to pick a shape they like:
-Conch shell
-Sea turtle
-Sea horse
-Tropical fish
-Clam shell
-Palm tree
-Sun glasses

Each charm has a gorgeous antique silver color, made of zinc alloy, and connected to a 30mm x 25mm silver colored hoop. These charms make great gifts, prizes, and giveaways for wine tastings, dinner parties, an evening with a friend, weddings, and bachelorette parties. Makes the perfect gift for a wine lover friend, family member, or even yourself.


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